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Mills Meyers Swartling is no longer offering legal services. We have joined the firm of Stokes Lawrence. Click here to learn more about our move.

To learn more about Stokes Lawrence, visit stokeslaw.com.

Contact information for our attorneys:

Brett MacIntyre, 206.812-7457, brett.macintyre@stokeslaw.com

Bruce Winchell, 206.812.7450, bruce.winchell@stokeslaw.com

Caryn Jorgensen, 206.812.7463, caryn.jorgensen@stokeslaw.com

Eric Robinson, 206.812.7464, eric.robinson@stokeslaw.com

James Wilkens, 907.264.6633, james.wilkens@stokeslaw.com

John Fetters, 206.812.7467, john.fetters@stokeslaw.com

Rachael Wallace, 206.812.7472, rachael.wallace@stokeslaw.com

Raymond Weber, 206.812.7454, ray.weber@stokeslaw.com

Samantha Pitsch, 206.812.7476, samantha.pitsch@stokeslaw.com